“He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy” – Titus 3:5a

Panama City Beach Florida 

Various people I interacted with and different things I read continued to show this belief that what we do determines how we rank and where we will ultimately end up. Which personally I have no problem with such a belief as long as my life and all the marvelous things I have done is the standard by which everyone else is measured. (It seems almost comical to write this but so many people have bought into this idea.) You ask most people out there, “how do you go to heaven?” and many will often give you a response like, “do good stuff, take care of the poor, go to church, etc.” Funny enough half of those who answer this question will honestly admit that they cannot even do what they have described as necessary to enter eternal bliss. Salvation is no easy topic to comprehend but it must not be ignored. It is difficult to describe because it is so hard to fully understand what we are saved from and why we need it in such an affluent society. It is a difficult concept to grasp because if God doesn’t help us out we’ll most likely write it off as foolish or offensive. It is hard to even figure out what to compare it to that would give us understanding without diminishing or distorting what salvation really is. This is no prefect comparison (the best explanation I have found is contained within Scripture [that is everything from Genesis to Revelation]) but I think salvation is kind of like a man dropped in the middle of the ocean. Actually maybe it is better to think of a man on a cruise ship who stupidly thinks it would be more fun to jump off the cruise ship so he can play with the fishes, telling the captain he desires to remain in the middle of the ocean and that they do not need to pull him out. Eventually, the situation he finds himself in is far from ideal. No land, food or drinkable water in sight. At first he thinks irrationally that he will find dry land on his own so he passionately swims and exerts as much energy as he can muster to pursue a direction where he believes dry land awaits. However, eventually it just doesn’t matter what he does, how good of shape he is in, or how smart he is, he will never find dry land. He just won’t. His situation is hopeless. It is in his exhaustion that he cries out to God, “I was so stupid to jump off that cruise ship, I am going to sink and die at the bottom of this ocean unless you help me.” God in His infinite mercy sends a small boat. So he now has a choice, get in the boat, which is the only chance he will have of seeing dry land or pursue things on his own under the false understanding that he could make it to dry land. Obviously if he refuses the boat he has chosen death. While if he chooses to get in the boat he is now on his way to dry land. But it is important to note that just because he has hopped in the boat that doesn’t mean he has stepped on dry land. A lot of trials and tribulations lie ahead as he journeys toward dry land. Nevertheless, if he has chosen to get in the boat he will reach dry land.

Don’t believe the lie that you can earn salvation be grateful its a gift given to the unworthy.

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