In America we move at the speed of light, or as a missionary friend stated when he returned to America, “Americans are moving at mach 5 with their hair on fire.” I can’t help but think of the classic movie: Spaceballs, when they move way past lightspeed passing ridiculous speed and enter ludicrous speed. There is nothing wrong with moving fast, staying busy, or accomplishing tasks. The problem, as today I have been so humbled to remember, is that if anything takes our focus off the creator than we are misaligned. I just picked up a book that starts by talking about the absolutely great God that we so often ignore. It describes the absolutely amazing handiwork of the Creator in the heavens and on this planet. I was brought to tears. God is so much bigger than I can imagine, sadly I do not live daily in light of this fact. Too often I live my life in the fast line. It is my life, my agenda, my will. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have slowed down and just stared at the stars in the heavens, worshipping My God. It is amazing that life can be so simple (Jesus summed up the purpose of life as loving God and loving others) yet it is so easy to forget this commandment. I wish I was better than the Israelites who quickly forgot about the God who parted the Red Sea and lead them out of captivity, but I am not. Praise God for His grace! I am forever indebted.

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