Grapevine Lake (Grapevine, TX)
Those who lived to see the rainbow trusted God rather than their flesh. The rainbow is a reminder that true freedom is found not in the ability to sin but the ability to be free from it. 
Like Roe v. Wade, which legalized the sinful activity of murdering innocent children, the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage legalizes the ungodly activity of homosexuality. It is not surprising but it does illuminate the apathetic and ever decreasing influence of the church in America.  
From the founding of this nation its core value has always been freedom. From the start this nation wanted freedom from taxes, freedom from religion, freedom to vote, freedom to bear arms, freedom from tyranny to list just a few. However, instead of pursuing freedom from sin this nation has slowly but willfully chosen to embrace and legalize the freedom to sin. Demonstrated in the laws allowing the slaughter of unborn babies, the use of illicit drugs, and now the legalization of homosexuality. Instead of promoting morality our laws are increasing lawlessness. 
Homosexuality is sin. If the bible is held with any regard it is obvious that God does not tolerate homosexuality (Romans 1:26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). He decimated a city for their unrestrained homosexuality (Genesis 19). Homosexuality must be acknowledged as sin, confessed and repented from. God is not trying to rip us off for He loves us all deeply. His intense love does not mean tolerance rather He keenly desires us to have true freedom, freedom from ourselves. Tolerance towards homosexuality or any sin cannot be found anywhere in Scripture. We serve a loving and jealous God who doesn’t tolerate our sin but gently guides us toward obedience and freedom. Distorting and widening the definition of marriage may help homosexuals sleep better at night and maybe save them a few bucks on their tax returns but it will not fill the void in their soul any more than alcohol or marijuana. Homosexuality like any habitual sin only further hardens one’s heart to the grace and mercy found in the crucified Savior. 
What this nation has pursued is a counterfeit freedom, a freedom that leads to greater bondage, greater disappointment, and greater sin. With great remorse, this nation has become a slave to its own desires. I’ve heard some say things similar to “this nation is going to hell” or “God has given up on this nation.” These phrases demonstrate pessimism towards the current state of affairs. Although we should be sad at this nation’s moral decline, which undoubtedly demands a time of dedicated lament and prayer, we must remember that God is still at work! Just because we may be living in the last days doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel! If anything it means we must be more faithful not less. It means we must display the same love God showed us to our homosexual neighbors, lovingly guiding them to repentance not discriminating or hating them. 
The greatest freedom we have is not the freedom to worship without persecution but freedom from our own depravity. 

~Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. (1 Peter 2:16)

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