“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” [James 1:17]

Entitled. I never understood I suffered from such a disease. An illness that results in severe emotional distress from circumstances unexpected, from life diverting from the path of ease. It goes far beyond the day to day activities and frustrations. It is when this mental insanity caries itself into the spiritual realm where my relationship with the King is twisted, misunderstanding that my position is not one I was born into. I was filth and God picked me up. I was naked and God gave me clothes. I was lost and God found me. Adopted. Chosen. Forgiven. All of God’s kindness is unexpected, for if expected then what God has done is misunderstood. A gift is always a surprise. From the basics of life, like food on the table, to the inexplicable never ending life found in Jesus, every good gift is from above. Hell is expected. Unless my generation grasps this explicit fact, then I am gravely concerned for the future. Do we stand in awe at the little things as undeserved. Food, clothes, house, car, weather, laughter, friends, health, water, light? Do we wake up with awe or bitterness? God has abundant favor to hand out but it will not come to those whose heart’s are hardened, concerned with selfish wants. Rather God’s amazing grace and overflowing favor is poured out towards those with a humble understanding of their plight, their evil, and their helplessness. If you want favor then embrace the hard reality that you earned everlasting, night after night, torment. As many who are ignorant blow off, cursingly using the word Hell without recollection. There is no eternal life without favor. There is no favor to those who expected it.

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