When the world looses hope, we must not. It is amazing how hopeless so many are. In fact sometimes I am blind to their hopelessness; however it is obvious when they are running towards things that only bring a temporary satisfaction that they desperately want to escape reality. It is amazing how many I interact with look at the future of the United States with such pessimistic views. Some might be well founded but most are rooted in fear. I don’t know what God plans to do with the United States, but what I do know is that we cannot loose hope. What I do know is that God provides, and that God is working in a way that is shaking the foundation of many people’s poorly built lives. There has not been a better time in my life to evangelize to the lost. One of the many great things about sanctification is that God continues to open my eyes to who he is. Through his grace he continues to widen my worldview. Although, I await the day when I will see perfectly I am finding peace and hope in seeing his sovereignty and grace poured out on a self-seeking world. The God who promised that we would die in our sins (Genesis 2:17) also promised that we would live because of Christ Jesus (Titus 1:2). How beautiful it is to see a more complete picture of God’s grace. May we live a life of hope to a world that has none.

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