Ephesians 2:11-12

Now that I am by God’s grace embarking on the amazing journey of being a parent, I have started thinking thoughts about life that I am sure most other parents have thought through before. Building upon Descartes’ logic that “I think therefore I am”, I find it more amazing that “I once was not”. Although I was not breathing before August 13th, 1985, it is undeniable that there was something before I entered this world. It is funny how at times life makes so much sense and at other times it seems so surreal. I know I struggle with an advanced stage of alhemizers, as I so quickly forget that at one time I was not here and that one day I will no longer be here. Sadly, my memory also quickly forgets the severity by which my life has been bought and redeemed from death through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And yet here I am, one deserving nothing less than the punishment poured out on God’s son. Thankfully God is good, for he could have easily forgotten His willfully disobedient children, yet he did not. Although I struggle with forgetfulness, God does not. He keeps his promises and answers the prayers of the righteous. I don’t know what the future holds regarding my life and the trails that are sure to come, but I do know what God has done in the past. I will always remember God’s goodness, as he answered my prayers (and also the prayers of my parents) for an amazing wife, one who is beautiful, sacrificial, and servant hearted. And now I sit waiting for the next few weeks, expectantly, to hold a new life and experience another undeserved blessing; one who will be helplessly dependent upon the care of others as I once was 23 years ago. God is Good!

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