It is interesting, ever since postmodernism began to peak its head, the church has been skeptical of its skepticism. I have heard over and over again how postmodernism rejects absolute truth. As one who was raised in a postmodern age, I struggle to embrace modernism but whole-heartedly believe in the absolute truth that Christ is the only and absolute means of salvation. To think any less is to spit in the face of the cross, denying the significance and necessity of Christ’s sacrifice. But what most modernists forget is not truth, but love. Hence, postmodernism is a perfectly rationale response to the heartless truths preached by hypocritical modernists. The church can point fingers at no one else but itself for the rejection of absolute truth by the culture. As religiosity has plagued the American Church, intellectual truths have been obtained with little to no practical application leading to a great chasm between the heart and mind. Don’t preach fire and brimstone unless you yourself acknowledge that apart from God’s grace you deserve to burn. I am not suggesting that hell should be pushed under a rug but such weighty truth should be accompanied with tears not apathetic indifference. My challenge to modernists is to patiently love us postmodernists as we struggle to link our mind to our heart. Likewise maybe modernists can learn to link their heart to their mind.

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