A few weeks ago my life fell apart. Only over the past few days have I finally been able to put a couple of the puzzle pieces back together. The simple things you take for granted disappeared. Being able to think rationally was impossible. The ability to love my family by caring for my wife and children evaporated. The simple acts of eating and sleeping became chores. I watched my life get ripped apart and I couldn’t do anything but watch myself continue to wreck havoc everywhere I went. Describing it as scary would be an understatement, it was horrific. Nevertheless, God has a way of using suffering and stupidity for His purposes. I am learning a lot through difficult circumstances. And so in this post I wish it were possible to express my gratitude to all those who have been in my path of destruction, especially my servant-hearted and faithful wife who has put up with more than anyone should. I am indebted to the love shown by Christ’s body as many have prayed and loved my family when I couldn’t. And so this post is for all of you who have been the hands and feet of Christ. Thank You… you know who you are.

With Love,

Ben Alexander

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