First… it has been way too long since I posted something… so for the two people who read my blog I am grateful for your time in reading this post and apologize for not posting regularly.

John 1

Sometimes I feel like I have been sold a bag of goods… I feel like I am swept away in the current of a world which is defined by rationalism. Everything is explainable, everything is ordinary. There is no miraculous, there is no supernatural. So much of this is attractable to me, I love rationalism, I love knowing why something happens. I hate being the only one who cannot connect the dots. And yet rationalism mocks me as one who is stupid and ignorant, unable to put the pieces together. But I find myself longing for more than rationalism, because it has been wrong and will continue to be wrong at properly acknowledging the mysteries of both God and this world. I hate that I rationalize the sun revolving around the earth… yes it can be explained by science, but I hate that I live in the ordinary and routine. I hate that it is no longer amazing that the sun revolves around the earth. I hate that I don’t find overwhelming joy that I have life. I hate that I don’t find it utterly amazing that I have eyes, ears, hands, and feet. Most importantly, I hate that rationalism makes my child like faith ordinary. Nevertheless, I am thankful for a God who exists in and works through the ordinary… may I learn to be more aware of His presence.

(I wrote this post because I fail to regularly acknowledge the supernatural behind the ordinary)

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