After spending the past five years of my life studying theology it is difficult to not think about everything in life through that filter. Sadly, even though I am supposed to have mastered theology I find myself saying things that are not theologically correct but culturally normal. For instance:

“Let’s go to church”, “I go to church at ___”, or any other statement that defines church as a place or a building. Obviously, the Church is neither. It is not limited to a location; rather it transcends national borders, extends throughout time, and encompasses not a place but a people group. So how can one say these things better? Maybe say, “we are going to gather with other believers” or “we gather together to corporately worship at ____.” It may take a few extra words but the difference in meaning is significant.

Another one I slip up on involves referring to those who have passed away in the past tense. For instance, I might say, “she was a good person.” The problem is that such an understanding seems to imply that one is not eternal, that we cease to exist after death. Hence, it is probably better to refer to one in the present tense. Awkward sure, you might get some funny looks, but closer to a biblical understanding of our nature.

So what theological slip ups do you find yourself saying?

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