“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galatians 6:2

I am taking a class this semester titled, A Biblical Theology of Suffering. One of the assignments for this class required me to spend the day in a wheelchair. Here is the first paragraph in my paper (Click here to download the complete essay in .pdf format). 

“The assignment of spending a day in a wheelchair can only be described as an adventure. The adventure that this assignment encompassed began well before I embraced a wheelchair as my personal companion for the day. As one rather clueless to the world of wheelchairs, I had no idea where to even find one to use for a day. First, I tried all my close friends to see if they happened to know someone I could borrow a wheelchair from. That turned out to be a dead-end, so I branched out further. I thought to myself, “Surely, someone on Facebook has to know where I can get a wheelchair.” Nope, nothing, no response at all except for a fellow classmate asking, “let me know if you’re able to find one because I am looking too.” What I thought would be a simple task was quickly becoming more complicated. So I caved and started looking online to find a place to rent a wheelchair since my options of borrowing one were depleted. I found a place fairly close that was willing to rent a wheelchair for $20.00 a day. I thought that would be my only option. However, to my surprise I came across a craigslist ad for a $25.00 wheelchair. I was so excited, especially when I picked up a decent wheelchair for close to the cost of renting one for the day. It was a great experience to pick up the wheelchair and interact with an older lady who was no longer wheelchair bound and had no need for the wheelchair any longer. Overall I was excited to spend one day in a wheelchair. So I planned what I thought would be my “day” in a wheelchair. However, after my 9-month-old son developed a rash and needed to be taken to the doctor, so it was no longer wise to be in the wheelchair for the sole purposes of this assignment. The second day I planned for using the wheelchair collided with my wife’s plans for a garage sale. Nevertheless, eventually things worked out.”

Feel free to download the full paper to see how the rest of my day went.

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