Because of Jesus and what He did on the cross I am no longer the same. I often forget who I am in light of the cross. Below are a list of the realities I need to forever remember.

“If you give no thought (or worse, don’t care) about the broken body of the Master when you eat and drink, you’re running the risk of serious consequences.” [1 Corinthians 11:29 MESSAGE]

  1. Adopted – absolutely crazy to think that I am adopted by a daddy who reigns over everything.
  2. Forgiven – mind blowing to think that every sin I have ever committed even the deepest darkest thoughts are washed away.
  3. Co-heir – insanity to grasp all the rights of God’s kingdom that I share in.
  4. Beloved – incredible to be cherished in a way I could only dream about.
  5. New – humbly changed into something different. New thoughts, new actions, new passions.
  6. Bought – beyond reality to understand that I have worth.
  7. Okay – no greater peace can be found in that nothing, absolutely nothing, can get in the way of God loving me. No depression, no one’s opinion, no disease, no stigma, no elation can prevent the love of God from permeating my life.
  8. Saved – the greatest mystery that I will forever stand in awe of is how God has saved me from the eternal damnation of hell. A place I rightly deserve like everyone else to be forever. But instead allowed to be with Him and those who believe that Jesus died on the cross.  Forever enjoying eternal bliss by the kindness of God who stepped down to help us understand in our own language and our own form that death no longer reigns.
  9. Chosen – stunning to be picked before the creation of the world to be with Him. A man of nothing, nothing special just a guy who grew up in Greeley Colorado to whom God decided to show favor.
  10. Blessed – amazed that genuine happiness can be found that is truly satisfying.

May I never forget that death reigned until Jesus rose from the dead.

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