Phil. 1:21

My mind keeps traveling down the rabbit trail of life. I cannot seem to escape the amazement that I am actually here! In fact it is funny because almost everyday as humans we ignore this miraculous truth that we have life. In fact lately I cannot stop being overwhelmed by the gift of God’s grace. I often question why in the world God loves me? I did nothing and can offer nothing, in fact more often than not I disappoint him yet he still loves me! I am forever indebted to the grace of the Father. I am only beginning to understand Paul’s words, “TO LIVE IS CHRIST TO DIE IS GAIN”. I realize how much I waste my life being a Martha (don’t get me wrong I sure do get a lot done), but I miss out on so many intimate moments with the savior (I have much to learn from Mary). Lately, I am beginning to realize how important every moment is, and how each moment is a moment of grace. It is amazing how often I neglect this grace and become infatuated with things that don’t matter.

May every moment of life be one that is characterized by Christ.

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