(Found this in Dr. Constable’s Notes on 2 Timothy, pg. 28)
Regardless of one’s “job” every believer in Christ has a “ministry”

Wrote this in my journal today and thought it may be helpful to those wrestling with what is next in their journey after Seminary. This list is is no specific order and were just thoughts I have been thinking about over the past few months and final got around to jotting down.

1. No passion … Just not excited about it yet…
2.Too much competition in this country for “ministry” positions … if others desire to be sacrificial servants please there is no need to compete for such a position.
3. Still counting the cost of leadership.
4. Little affirmation … Most (except for one person) keep telling me to not go into “ministry” but to do something else if I can… I guess I can do something else.
5. Question in my head of whether I will fervently pursue Christ regardless of seminary/job.
6. Don’t want to unnecessarily sacrifice my family for a “ministry” position.
7. “Ministry” isn’t an occupation… It’s a lifestyle… I have recently realized how blessed I am for the job I have.
8. Need time to unwind from Seminary.
9. Still young and stupid … Don’t want my imperfections to lead others astray…
10. The Church doesn’t need one more leader it needs one more faithful servant.

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