Philippians 2

It is amazing how I always think I can find fulfillment if I just had _______(fill in the blank). I think as American’s we are the most ungrateful and most discontent people on the planet. I find it absolutely incredible how many people I talk to that are discontent with how much income their job provides, even when the poorest of Americans are ludicrously richer than the average person in this world. In fact I used to be one of them (sadly, I still am one of them), I complained about not having enough to live in a decent part of town, nor the ability to buy health insurance, a decent car, or money to fix all the broken car windows that came with living in a run down part of town. Yet I never worried for a moment about whether I would have clean water to drink or what I would eat that day. It is surprising how often I catch myself wanting and desiring more, usually only looking to those who have more, never glancing or caring about those who have less. I think that some how I might find life and meaning in earthly things, like getting a house, a new car, or enjoying time off. Although, there is pleasure for a moment in this stuff the excitement quickly fades. A new house quickly becomes routine, a new car quickly becomes outdated, and time off is never long enough (if you doubt this fact just ask a dead retiree). Not that it is wrong to have or enjoy stuff, but it is amazing how distracted I am by these things. In fact when life is good I quickly forget that I will die! I am astonished at how I truly believe I will be satisfied if I live the American Dream, yet when I seek after Christ it is surprisingly true that my thirst is quenched and I have peace. It seems like such a paradox, to have everything the world can offer, a good marriage, kids, job, a house and loads of money, yet still have a heart that is discontent. However, when life just really seems to go against me and I am pursuing Christ, the circumstances do not matter. Not to say that every circumstance is fun, or enjoyable but somehow by the grace of God He gives me peace. When relatives die, I don’t mourn as one who has no hope, when I think I am struggling financially God provides (even though I have never once in my life had to worry about finding food or shelter for the day), when the world sees no value in who I am or what I do, I find rest as one who can call God my father! In writing this post I just wanted to remind myself and hopefully anyone else who is reading this that life, no matter how good it looks or how good it maybe for a moment, is rubbish when compared to a life that is lived with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Phil. 3:8). May I live this year (2009) with NO regrets!

2 thoughts on “You’re not going to find life here…. I PROMISE!”

  1. Well said! “With food and shelter may we be content”…well, plus a bigger, flatter, higher definition TV plus, “nicer” clothes, a newer cell phone, the next restaurant experience, a nice trip, plus…plus…plus. Contentment in Christ is available yet mysteriously illusive. Jeremiah was right, “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water” (Jer. 1:13). May 2009 and beyond find us persisting in pursuing the “life that is really life.”

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